Italy and Slovenia Ministry Report

May 22, 2008

I arrived in Milan on Thursday morning and managed to get into Parma by late afternoon, exhausted from travel, of course. So after a good night of sleep I rose on Friday morning to connect with old friends in the city who remain evangelism contacts that I continue to cultivate.
Even though tired I was anxious to get to work and so I took out my drawing pad and drew a young man across from me. Of course, everyone around wanted to see what I was up to and those brave enough to look over my shoulder (about twenty people) would give me the thumbs up. The young man was thrilled at being the center of attention. A guy across from me (about 6 foot, 6 inches tall) tried to speak to me in broken English. When he learned that I had lived in Canada he came alive. He was on the Cuban Pan/Am Team in volleyball and lived in Winnipeg. When I had finished the drawing I gave it to the other guy I concentrated on the volleyball player. He gave me his card to get in touch. I shared Jesus with him (a very clear gospel) and gave tracts that I had in Spanish.
Via Cavour, Parma
The guy that I had drawn seemed to be listening as was his  traveling companion. As I got up to leave, I spoke to him in Italian and he replied by saying, “You can speak in English if you prefer.” Both of the fellows spoke English (one was from Spain) and they wanted to know what I was doing here in Italy and how I spoke Italian, so, guess what, I told them and told them some more. I was able to present a clear gospel and give them literature before leaving the train at Parma. I watched them read the tracts together and discuss the content.
I left the train at my destination, Parma.
After almost five years, this has become my home 
in Europe.

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