Italy and Slovenia Ministry Report / Spring 2008


We are meeting in the new building! It’s big, bright and airy! All in all, it costs more than $2,000 a month. This is a lot of money for a rather poor congregation so the few that have jobs have to go without to keep the church financially afloat.

We did have a scene! Upon arriving at the church a neighbor met pastor Aldo to give him a piece of his mind. There was not much that Aldo could say since the man was irate. He was furious over the late hour of the night before and the noise, the cars that blocked his driveway and complained that every night of the week there is something going on! He threatened to have them evicted. He said, “You are not legal!”  

Once settled into the service and having twenty-five or more women away on a retreat I preached to around 50 people. The church now has about 80-100 attendees. I preached a biographical sermon on John the Baptist, “A Man Sent from God.” It seemed to have some effect.


SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2008

Denny, Jessica, Ruth, Fabian, Danny, Clara, Christian and Victor put together a bar-b-q where about twenty young people attended. They all came early a made a fantastic meal of chicken, potatoes and salad. I spoke to the group of which at least four or five were not believers, three or four others with one foot in the kingdom and one foot out and another ten or so who are on fire. Before the meeting two young people dropped in for a minute. They are the young adults of a strong church family.

This provided the opportunity to speak to the daughter for almost an hour. The conversation was straight forward and challenging. 

Below:  Gruppo Cristiano Latino Americano Young People…



Below:  How  Italy and all of Europe is changing. These are a few of the many young people that flood the streets of Parma.

                                                                                                                                      Victor (from Argentina) and Belkis (from Dominican Republica) are missionaries with YWAM  and in Italy from their work in North Africa. They work with the young people and live on the first floor of the church building.




 Although Aldo was sick with a horrible cold and had spent the day in bed, he translated for me and they all said they understood and they must have because it appears that several have trusted Christ during the meeting and were in church on Sunday morning. I spoke on Judas, betraying Jesus with a kiss and how that is what Italy does, they only pay Him lip service but in the process they deny him and send him out to be crucified. They build big churches’, make beautiful art to celebrate his life but only care about, money, fashion, sex and sports. “They would not come to me (him) that they might have life.”

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