THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2008

Beautiful Lake Bled

in Slovenia

I arrived late and spent the night in Trieste and then waited the next day for Doug Hamm of Victoria, BC.. He came from Canada and Milan to be with me in Ljublijana.



On Thursday morning and before meeting with Doug and Pastor Chris, I went around to the electric store where an old friend, Dario continues to work. Though at one time he made a profession of faith and even visited me in Minneapolis, he fell out of sorts with the local church and was ostracized (excommunicated). He still remains my dear friend and I continue to meet with him at every opportunity. When he saw me he was almost tearful and thanked me for staying in touch and going to the trouble of looking him up. I think that he loves the Lord.


At two in the afternoon we met with Chris Scobie, Pastor of the Pentecostal Free Church of Ljublijana and a former student of mine.

Chris is originally from New Zealand and married to Sabina Kuzmicof Slovenia. Sabina is an  amazing translator and is making a great contribution to the small church of Slovenia. There are only 1,000 Christians among the two million Slovene’s.

I began right away on Thursday evening with nine enrolled students and another ten or so who simply wanted to hear the material. I taught a course, entitled, “Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian, Post Modern World.”

In all we met for 11 hours. By the end of the three days we had attracted more visitors to the course and some from other churches (Catholic and Baptist). Yes, a Catholic charismatic couple came and appeared to be very supportive of the message concerning the Gospel.


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