Italy and Slovenia Minstry Report / Spring 2008

Ljubljana, the city.


have some tremendous young friends there and we have tentatively planned other evangelistic events and missionary excursions. On Sunday morning I preached to a packed house on the subject, “Making the Good Thing Happen” and the feeding of the five thousand. We had many visitors in attendance and it seems that the crowd was aroused to fresh Christian commitment and service. It is very easy to tire out in places like this. Day in and day out there is absolutely no fruit. They sow and sow and seemingly little comes from it.

 Ljubljana. The main throughfare of the city. Ljublijana is a beautiful, old European city, still quaint and walkable. There’s an abundance of charming old tea shops in the old city.


 My little visits, for what they are, provide a tremendous encouragement for my weary fellow workers in this region of the world. In fact these young people took up an offering to give to me. Though not a huge amount of money in US terms it was a demonstration of their participation in my ministry and appreciation for my visit. I am so sorry that you are not able to know them as I do. These people are incredible. Everything is against them, friends, culture, religion,    philosophy, morals and even their families and still they stand.

A quiet table in the corner. Try the crepes and tea.

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