Italy and Slovenia Ministry Report / Spring 2008


(Our 42nd Wedding Anniversary) –



Joseph came to Italy from Ghana when he was only 18 years old. He originally came to work and help support his family still in Africa. When he first arrived he found a couple of other young men who were willing to join him for prayer. As he put it, “How can we make it without the help of the Almighty.” In the twenty years that followed that small prayer group has grown into a church of more than 200 African’s and is now one of the strongest churches in the region. Joseph, a simple man without formal theological training, has led his church to two congregations, their own facility that seats four hundred and a witness to the Italian people. I met with him to see how we might encourage him. I wanted to find out if there might be any way in which we could combine our resources and thereby be more supportive and effective. I have worked with Joseph on a couple of other occasions and have found him to be a good friend and tireless Christian. I went away feeling more inspired by him than he by me. We have decided to see how we (ACCI and Temple of Light Ministries) might link our efforts.




Amazing achievment! The Lord has helped this immigrant church to purchase and remodel this large ministry facility.

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