Italy and Slovenia Ministry Report / Spring 2008


Photo from CastelloTorrechiara, near Parma.

The church began to fill up and by the time services began more chairs were being brought out of the back and lined up against the walls. This is a new facility but even before they opened the doors and had their first service

the church was full. What began about four years ago has grown from 20 people to 150 with an average Sunday attendance of more than ninety. On this particular Sunday there were one-hundred and two people in the auditorium. We regularly see people converted to Christ.


With Mariela translating, I preached on “Making the Good Thing Happen” from the feeding of the five thousand. At the close people were seemingly excited as I demonstrated how a few people passing the bread causes the miracle to happen. The good thing never happens if people hoard what little they have. When I look at the leadership, the church, the people, the money and resources, the city of Parma, Italy, Europe, I see nothing but extremity and yet a great miracle is taking place because people are passing what God has placed into their hands. It was a powerful closing message to Doug’s week of teaching on small group ministry.

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