Brother Jack

Here’s a fresh pastel pencil portrait of a friend, Jack Vandermark. It is rare that I do a drawing that I feel completely good about. There is always something that I wish I would have done… OR NOT but this one I feel pretty good about. I seemed to catch not only his likeness but also his personality. Hope you like it and you can see more at www.tonyhedrickart. Let me know what you think.

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Jon and Amy Wonnell

It has been at least five or more years since I first met Jon and Amy in Thunder Bay at the Grassroots Church – Great Commission School. They hadn’t married yet and both were there as students.

Since then they have become a couple, moved to the Washington, D.C. area where Jon is a court reporter (one of those people who sit in front of a little contraption and type into record every word spoken throughout the proceedings). They require 250 words a minute at 98% accuracy. 

Jon and Amy have an interest in missions and discipleship minstry and just wanted to spend some time with us, asking question and getting some perspective on what their lives might look like in the not too distant future. We loved having them around and appreciated their spirtual vitality and enthusiasm to give to the Lord more than five or so hours a week.

Jeanne often quotes Spurgeon where he once said something like, “There are only two kinds of Chrisitans, those to whom God says, ‘Okay, go ahead and have it your way'”  or they say, “Have thine own way Lord.” These folks seem to be content whether they have much or little and live with open hands.

While they were here we drove about twenty miles from our home to Brattonsville where they filmed the movie, “The Patriot” starring Kevin Costner. Brattonsville is an honest to goodness Revolutionary War site where many things remain just as they were in 1780.

A Patriot family

A Patriot family

On this particular weekend they celebrate the defeat of General Huck and his Loyalist troops by the Bratton brothers and some thirty other patriots. Though a small battle, it was decisive in bringing the war to an end. The enactment was well done, complete with muskets, smoke and “Redcoats” either lying dead or in retreat.
The battle rages and Houk goes down.
The battle rages and Huck goes down.


The occasion provided many photographers with some very interesting images.


A visit from “Keit-Zee – The Bodge”

We have the same club thumbs.
We have the same club thumbs.

Keith made a visit to Charlotte for an environmental conference of one kind or another. He apparently talked to those gathered about light bulbs. We have very knowledgeable and sophisticated friends. He tells us that he followed an astronaut’s presentation, most of which he failed to understand.

Anyway, it was good to see him again. At the insistence of another fellow, he wandered into our house on Flewellyn Road (Stittsville, Ontario) almost 15 years ago. According to him it was perhaps the only New Years that he wasn’t out drinking. Turns out that over the next while he became a Christian himself, moved to Chicago, started attending a church, met Melody, married Melody, produced two kids, Collin and Emma and continues to serve the Lord by leadership in his church and facilitating a community Bible study.
Oh yes, and about the “club thumbs”. The first thing that I noticed was Keith’s thumbs. They’re just like mine. They are rare, or so I am told. They must be rare because when I was in university they brought me around to various biology and genetics classes so I could exhibit them as an example of recessive genes, or some such thing.
As members of a very exclusive group of oddities we were quite excited to make acquaintance. It was then that I learned his last name to be Bodger, the same last name as my paternal grandmother. There must be something to this gene business. Ummmm, come to think of it, he looks an awful lot like my Uncle Bill Bodger.
If Oprah had anything to do with it, she would make him to be my Uncle Bill. I prefer genetics to re-incarnation.