A visit from “Keit-Zee – The Bodge”

We have the same club thumbs.
We have the same club thumbs.

Keith made a visit to Charlotte for an environmental conference of one kind or another. He apparently talked to those gathered about light bulbs. We have very knowledgeable and sophisticated friends. He tells us that he followed an astronaut’s presentation, most of which he failed to understand.

Anyway, it was good to see him again. At the insistence of another fellow, he wandered into our house on Flewellyn Road (Stittsville, Ontario) almost 15 years ago. According to him it was perhaps the only New Years that he wasn’t out drinking. Turns out that over the next while he became a Christian himself, moved to Chicago, started attending a church, met Melody, married Melody, produced two kids, Collin and Emma and continues to serve the Lord by leadership in his church and facilitating a community Bible study.
Oh yes, and about the “club thumbs”. The first thing that I noticed was Keith’s thumbs. They’re just like mine. They are rare, or so I am told. They must be rare because when I was in university they brought me around to various biology and genetics classes so I could exhibit them as an example of recessive genes, or some such thing.
As members of a very exclusive group of oddities we were quite excited to make acquaintance. It was then that I learned his last name to be Bodger, the same last name as my paternal grandmother. There must be something to this gene business. Ummmm, come to think of it, he looks an awful lot like my Uncle Bill Bodger.
If Oprah had anything to do with it, she would make him to be my Uncle Bill. I prefer genetics to re-incarnation.

2 comments on “A visit from “Keit-Zee – The Bodge”

  1. Wow – so glad to hear you keep up with Keith. I always wondered why you were so defensive about your thumbs!! Now I know!!

  2. tomtootall says:

    Pastor Tony did a sermon that mentioned Keith’s thumbs. I am the other fellow that brought Keith.

    Tom Cunningham

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