My Sermon:Worth Hearing

“Christian Gnosticism – The Great Evangelical Error”  


Preached at Bethany Church

Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Son, there are only two kinds of preachers. Some preachers have to say something while others have something to say.” 

                             Harry Hedrick


Occasionally, the Lord seems to give me an idea. Since I work out of the prophetic I sometimes have to wait until I feel that I have just the right thing. When in Minneapolis at Matt’s, I spoke on Sunday morning in his pulpit. You can find the message at under “Media”. It should be about three or four down on the Podcast list. For years I have been troubled by those who started out with us on “The Way” but fell out and no longer have an interest in spiritual things. I could name them but most of them you already know who they are that have lost heart. Some have not entirely stopped attending church but have no real passion for the things of God.

People attribute this apostasy to all sorts of things. I’m sure that some attribute their spiritual demise to me, something I said or did, or did not do, or should have done. I could go on and on ad nauseum as I have created my fair share of havoc in the Kingdom of God. But, the truth is, we all get wounded and disappointed. There is a devil and this work, as I understand it, is his primary activity (See: Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis). In reality, most who lay the blame for their falling away on God or someone else have some other reason, like the sins of the flesh (ehr… sex), or anger, jealousy, bitterness and on and on. 

So, it didn’t work out like you planned. You’ve had to face a few headwinds of adversity? The fact is, I have as much reason as anyone for throwing in the towel. Preachers get more hits than any others that I know. Just you walk in some Sunday morning and find a cranky and anonymous letter laying on your pulpit. Work hard for a family, being called out in the middle of the night just to have them, in a split second, forget all that you ever did and move on to another church (or not). Learn after years of friendship that they now have nothing good to say about you. I have not yet, “resisted unto blood.”

Jesus received more than His fair share of wounding. One betrayed him with a kiss, another denied him and one wouldn’t believe until he saw it with his own eyes. So, BIG DEAL. Why all of the whinning? Surprise! Buy a copy of “Disappointment with God,” by Philip Yancey and get over it. Better yet, make a trip to Darfur. That should do it.

Also visit and under the “Resources” tab, Audio/Visual you will see my sermon entitled, “Risk.” I think this is another message with good content. It is most certainly a more optimistic piece of work.

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