Europe Ministry Video/Blog Update

Headed for Hungary, Slovenia and Italy

The Budapest YWAM Staff and DTS

The Budapest YWAM Staff and DTS

Churches are growing, believers being trained and people are being saved. “Your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

FRANKFURT, GERMANY   Landing in Frankfurt I will take the ten hour train to Budapest.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY   I will spend about a week  teaching evangelism skills and leading evangelism outreaches.

LJUBLIJANA, SLOVENIA  I will be with pastor Chris Scobie and his wife Sabina. I have been to Ljublijana at least ten times. In recent visits, I have preached and taught in their Ministry Training School where thirteen students have enrolled to earn a two year Bible Certificate. This is the largest church in this capitol city of 225,000 people. The attendance is about 60 to 80 people. There are only an estimated 1,000 Bible Christians in this nation of 2 million people.

PARMA and SASSUOLO, ITALY  The remaining  eight or so days I will be working with two ACCI missionaries, Pastors Aldo Cerasino and Francesco Abortivi. There are four regional leaders and congregations that I am presently resourcing. When I began with Aldo, the Latino Church had only 17 people. Five years later we have 120 with many new converts, some being Italian’s. I also help pastor Abortivi with his Italian church and outreach ministries. There are two other congregations (Ghananian and Italian) that have befriended me and have invited me to preach and do evangelism. Parma is a city of 165,000 people and less than 600 “Great Commission” Christians. There are, however, 20,000 MuslXm’s and 2,800 Jehovah’s Witnesses.

You can help by sending your travel support through ACCI. Simply click to the ACCI website – conveniently and safely give in Canada through Canada Helps or in the USA through Pay Pal.

For those that prefer to give by mail, I have attached a support form to the host email.

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  1. Steve Chandler says:

    I’ll help you Tony. Steve

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