Mid-week outreach service in the YWAM coffee house

About Twenty-five or so came…

When they are finished, it will be a large, first class meeting place right on the street level with big windows and a lovely, classic interior. For now they have completed the basement and turned it into a cavernous wine cellar coffee shop.

The Wednesday "Community Night" gathering.


To be honest, I can’t say that it went all that well. I had a translator but somehow a few people began to laugh when It appeared to them that I was saying that Jesus was not sexy, when I was actually trying to explain that he was not a “sexist”, a word that the translator might not have heard before.

Then, when I tried to straighten it all out it seemed as though I was saying that he wasn’t particularly preferring one sex over another which brought about another misfortunate case of mis-communication. What a fix I was in and finally went on with what I could.

I was blessed when on the way home one of the missionaries, a lady from Asheville, North Carolina came upon a group of homeless men sleeping on the floor of the underground Metro station. She stopped and it was clear that her stopping was not for our benefit. They were excited to see her and knew her by name with fresh introductions all around. I loved the fact that this was something that she had already cultivated previously and was her natural inclination to treat these men with dignity. I love this kind of evangelism. It is simply what all Christian’s should be doing as they go about living.

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