Train-ing nine hours to my next gig, Ljubliana, Slovenia

I have been visiting Ljubliana

for more than a decade.       budapest-fall-2008-0961             

I first met Eugen in Costanta, Romania. He can do almost everything. He turned me on to  Go see what I mean. This guy is incredibly informed. Speaks several languages too and completely fluent in idiomatic English. Oh, how I hate people like this. And, ehr… did I mention that he can play guitar and lead worship?

At about 11AM on Friday morning my YWAM friend, Eugen (this is the way he spells it) from Romania escorted me some five blocks to the closest train station to catch the train to Ljubliana, Slovenia. I enjoyed my time in Budapest and especially the YWAM folks. I hope to see them all again and soon.

Chris and Sabina at the Sunday morning service where I preached.

Chris and Sabina at the Sunday morning service where I preached.

Chris (at the podium) came to meet me at the train and from there we went to our regular restaurant just down the street from the church where I have a room. I finally parted company with Chris and went to bed at about midnight. Tomorrow morning, I am told, Chris intends to have coffee with me and then watch the rugby match between Australia and his home country, New Zealand. Chris was formerly a professional player and so only on this one occasion does his nationalism show up. To be honest, I am happy to have some privacy where I can read and study prepping up for the heavy schedule of teaching and preaching in Parma. I spent the morning reading.

Sabina, Chris’ wife was away in the north (Murska Sobota) visiting her mother and would be back in the evening. During the rest of the day, I saw old friends, Roc and Igor who hung around a bit and visited. I really like these guys and others like them who face the cultural headwinds head on.

On Sunday morning preached as I always do when I am in Ljubliana. Sabaina translated for me and I had great liberty to preach the gospel to about eighty people.

Sunday morning was pretty full.

Sunday morning was pretty full.


When I gave the invitation a young Slovenian woman indicated that she wanted to recieve Christ. After the service I spoke to her and learned that she could speak some English so I tried to see if she understood her commitment. Sometimes we just have to wait and see.

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