More of Rome…

The historical Colosseum with an Indian hot dog vendor

The historical Coliseum with an Indian hot dog vendor and Gypsie attendants

Thursday morning and the day looked promising so, umbrella-less I struck out for the Coliseum about a twenty minute walk from my hotel. Soooooo…? Mingled among the senister looking Gypsi women were busloads of Japanese people with cameras all clicking away and likely not watching their wallets. Well, I crowded in with the Japanese tourist and got a few shots but stopped shy of standing in line and paying the money to parade through the remains.

From there I wandered toward the skeleton of the Imperial Palace and Gardens. This is another quite impressive looking bit of archaeology. As the sky began to gray, I quickly took pictures of what I could and headed back toward my hotel and just in time, slipped under the awning of a cafe along Via Nazionale and there sat next to a fellow from Malta who was waiting for his flight to Argentina. I was able to speak to him about spirtual matters and then after an expresso rushed on between downpours to my hotel.

The Imperial Palace or what's left of it

The Imperial Palace or what was once the imperial Palace

Tania Goncalves

Tania Goncalves





Later at 1 in the afternoon, I recieved the call I had been waiting on. A Brazilian acquaintance, Tania Goncalves was calling me to meet for lunch. I first met Tania at a Free Methodist church planting conference in Budapest more than six or seven years ago. It took her all of those years to finally get to Italy. It’s amazing what some people will go through to follow their dream. Truthfully, it is quite easy by comparison for Americans and Canadians to raise the necessary funding, get visas and so forth, but it is something else for a Brazilian to become a missionary to Italy. You must be certain of a call to this work. She now lives about an hour from Rome and is planting a church in a city of about 65,000 people. As I listened to her incredible journey, we sat eating pizza for two hours while it poured outside.

Afterwards, I went back to my hotel and slept the whole afternoon away and then, when it cleared a little,  went for a walk and then to supper.

Tomorrow the St Peter’s and perhaps the Vatican.

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