More Rome on Friday

It is now my impression that Rome is more about sex, hookers, beaucrats with chaffeurs waiting alongside limosines, police, religious clerics and pretentious botoxed, implanted, enhanced, uplifted women in highheels, and furs (it is cobblestoned and hot) than religion, though there is plenty of “religion” (superstition) to go around.

Gregorian Seminary in Rome

Priest factory: Gregorian Seminary in Rome

I went to Gregorian Seminary looking to pick a fight but everyone there was too nice to argue with so Inquired of one of the young Americans studying there if it was true what I had heard and I genuinely wanted his observation. I asked, “Is it true that fewer than 8% of Rome attend mass on any given Sunday?” About that time one of his English speaking, Italian colleagues arrived to overhear me to which he interjected, “No! That is simply not true! It is not 8%! It is five and all of these are either priests or nuns.” We all had a good chuckle. I then offered this, “Well you lads had better get out of the classrooms and onto the streets. The Jehovah’s Witnesses are out distancing you.” The Italian admitted, “Yes, you are right, we have a lot of work to do!”

It looks like a Festival but, I assure you, it wasn't

It looks like a Festival but, I assure you, it wasn

I wouldn’t cough up the 15 Euro for the taxi ride to St. Peter’s Bacilica so I decided to walk. On the map it didn’t seem all that far. It’s not far if you aren’t detoured by a 30,000 strong student protest with Carabiniere (national para-military police) and Rome police blocking every convenient street with their poised 


Uzi’s and billyclubs (I’m not certain, but I think they meant it). You should also be aware that like Venice, maps mean little in Rome. Streets do not go where you intend for them too. TIP: Be sure that you know where “North” is.

Absolutely astounding 14,000 peope a day at 11 Euro

Absolutely astounding 14,000 peope a day at 11 Euro

After meandering for almost two hours I finally arrived at Via della Concilazione, a regal, wide throughfare leading past trinket shops,

Cashing in on Saint Peter

Cashing in on Saint Peter

awestruck pilgrims buying the trinkets and priest and nun’s shuffling from important meeting to a more important meeting. To be honest, it is enough to make one sick at their stomach. I stopped one priest and said in English (which he did not understand) and then in Italian, “Jesus would not be pleased.”  To this he answered, “Si, vero!” (Yes, true!)
Yet, with all of this disappointment, I did mange to make the entire journey worthwhile. Here’s one of the splendid moments. Beat this for a real character (Samuel Clemons is dead…ummm, or is he?).
I see a painting in the works

I see a painting in the works

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