My last and most hopeful post from Rome

I saved the best for last…

Meet my new friend Chris

With the kindness and patience of Jesus
With the kindness and patience of Jesus

Upon leaving St. Peter’s and the Vatican I was about to cross the bridge (Ponte Vittorio Emanuele) into Rome I saw an inviting bench for weary pedestrians so I sat down. In a moment I was observing a young student who I later learned to be Chris from the Diocese of Pittsburg (I think that this was what was emblazoned on his fleecy).

Here he sat for an hour and gently talked to this street lady who had everything she owned covered in green plastic and situated on the bench beside her. Occasionally he would laugh at something she said or place his hand lovingly on her shoulder while his more ambitious fellow students darted from one place to another.
He didn’t see it but I did. Those passing by querried within themselves asking, “Why is he talking to her?”
I liked Chris so after a while I stood up and walked over beside him then apologized for interrupting and said, “You’re a Christian, aren’t you?”
He said, “Yes sir, I am.”
I replied, “Well, many of your colleagues are not (they have been sacramentalized without yet being evangelized) and I am not here to make a case for Protestantism -there are millions of protestants and evangelicals who are not Christians. I did want to tell you… What’s your name?”
“Chris,” he answered.
“Chris, I’m sorry to tell you but you’re never going to make it in the priesthood.”
“Oh, why is that?” He seemed concerned.
Well, Chris, you’re too much like Jesus. He would have done just what you’re doing.”
Chris echoed back, “Isn’t this what it’s all about?”
“Yes, Chris, it is, but your colleagues haven’t yet figured that out.”
“I know. Will you pray for me? I’ll pray for you.”
We exchanged first names.
After some more small talk, that’s the way we left it until I came home and yesterday emailed the Diocese of Pittsburgh and asked if they’d track this young fellow down so that I could occasionally encourage him. After the the way I complimented him they might have already bumped him up to an Arch Deacon or demoted him to an office clerk. At any rate, I was blessed by him, Roman Catholic or no. We need more Chris’ who understand that the secret to power in the kingdom of God is powerlessness. 
Roman Catholicism as protestant Evangelicalism (neither of them look very much like their supposed founder) have failed to understand almost everything Jesus taught on the subject of servant leadership. Jesus style leadership is always bottom up and never top down. You’d never see him waiting for someone to kiss his ring finger.
Chris, if you’re out there and read this, take heart. He never forgets.
Galatians 6:9-10
Hebrews 6:10
1 Cor. 15:58

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