Preaching Class on Wednesday Evening

Sorry, I don’t have pictures on this one.

My assignment was to speak to about ten in the Gruppo Latino Americano Cristiano, Leadership School on the subject of, “Preaching… (re:) The Preacher.” I spoke on a variety of character issues as well as pulpit demeanor and that sort of thing. My main thrust was cultivating something to say. How do we go about getting and maintaining the heart of God? What an incredible honor and trust this is and we must, when in the pulpit, “take off our shoes, for we are on Holy ground.” 

The preacher must have the courage (all of the great preachers had this quality) to preach the whole counsel of God and they must do this with humility as Ambassadors for Christ. We, as Ambassadors and representatives, must faithfully deliver the mind of God even when it is culturally unacceptable.

All authentic preachers come in the tradition of Noah, Elijah, Eziekiel, John the Baptist, Jesus, Bunyan, Tyndale, Wesley, Knox, Spurgeon, Bonhoeffer and countless others who have uncompromisingly stood against kings and tyrants.

One comment on “Preaching Class on Wednesday Evening

  1. Noemi says:

    What no pictures???? Now I have to read…great.

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