4 comments on ““So Dark is Europe.”

  1. Alexis says:

    This is an interesting video. I believe you know my sister, Charese. She introduced me to your blog. Now that I’ve looked at your video. I’m interested in reading your blog posts. One thing that struck me in the video were images of Jesus as a white male. That’s a Eurocentric contribution that I, as a black female, find problematic.

  2. tonyhedrick says:

    Thanks so much for writing. I agree, there are many errors regarding the image of Jesus. Mostly we have made him (sorry, he was a him but God is neither male nor female)to be a Norwegian, blonde, blue-eyed and six foot tall. He was none of those things. Frankly, he was a Jew. He looked like an olive skinned Jew. The Bible says that he wasn’t particularly handsome that anyone should recognize him by his stature and so forth. The most that we have on him are image words like “lamb, light, bread of life” and so forth. Certainly, he was not an American, a Republican, suburbanite with a three car garage, hot tub and a SUV. I hope that you’ll listen to a sermon of mine on this very subject.
    As a missionary, it is my job to re-communicate Jesus in a hosts of cultures. Jesus is for all men (“people” or ethnos, not “men”).

    Go to http://www.adventive.ca, put your cursor on Resources, then audio-visual and then click “John 12:32-33.”

    I’d love to hear your reaction to this. I think that you’ll like it. It speaks to the very issue that concerns you.

    With regards,
    Your friend, I hope,


  3. Alexis says:

    Hi Tony,

    I listened to your sermon. Yes, I am a feminist (and I don’t think that’s a bad word) who has never denied that the historical and the biblical Jesus was male. I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t think Jesus was a misogynist, quite the reverse. However, I have a problem with depictions of Jesus as a white man, when the fact is, as you agree, he was a Hebrew man.

    We cannot know for certain how Jesus looked. Even to say he was a Jewish man brings confusion because Jews range in ethnicity and physical appearance from dark skinned Ethiopian Jews to fair skinned European Jews. My point is that seriously doubt that he looked like the blond haired, blue-eyed Jesus depicted in too many churches and works of art.

    In kindness,

  4. Devin says:


    Good video, shows how important it is that Christians not give up the mind, and what happens when they do.

    I pray this is not America in 20 years, but unless Christians drop the ” anti-intellectual attitude, it will!!

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