eNewsletter Blog Winter 2008

Bethany College of Missions and Teen Mania Ministries

Bloomington, Minnesota

January 21-February 3



I think bringing me in to teach the Book of Acts in the coldest time of the year is some sort of way to get even with me for moving to a warmer climate. For two weeks, I had t he wonderful opportunity of teaching more than fifty future missionaries.
acci Recruiting bcom-january-perkins-2008-012.jpg

More than twenty students joined me for lunch on

Saturday at Perkins Restaurant. Eleven demonstrated

an interest in serving with us.

Hope Lutheran Church

Coon Lake, Minnesota

January 27-29

Bible Conference

I have spoken here on several occasions in the past. Pastor Eric Burgdorf is a good friend and ministry supporter. although the crowds were small (cold weather but warm hearts), there was good fruit.

As always there were opportunities for personal evangelism.


  • Consultations on acci’s Parma Missionary Training School Initiative

Bloomington, MN and Parma, Italy

  • Bethany College of Missions and Teen Mania Ministries

March 9-20

Teaching Corinthians


  • Visit: Tim Comer, New Life Literature, Colombo, Sri Lanka

April 8-10

New Life Literature is our Norwegian partner ministry. In cooperation with them we assist in providing scriptures and Christian literature for China, India and most other nations of south Asia. We will be meeting with a variety of Christian publishers and mission societies during the three days he is here.


  • Visit: Roar and Lillis Halderson Strat, Oslo, Norway

May 10-13
Roar is a New Life Literature board member and Norwegian Director of Frontiers.


  • Bethany Wesleyan College, Sussex, New Brunswick

April 25-May 1

I will be teaching a course, “Preaching to the Unchurched.”


  • Parma, Emilia Reggio and Sassuolo, Italy

May 20-June 9

Teaching and Evangelism


  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 30-June 2

Church Growth and Evangelism Seminars


  • Bethany College of Missions and Teen Mania Ministries,

Bloomington, Minnesota

July 28-August 8

Apologetics in Evangelism


Your financial help assists our church planting,

evangelism and training projects…


You can support this work by going to http://www.adventive.ca

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