Italy and Slovenia Ministry Report / Spring 2008

FRIDAY, May 23, 2008

Parma, Italy

WOMEN’S INTERCHURCH RETREAT…When I was here in the fall of 2007, I discussed with Mariela (Pastor Aldo’s wife) the possibility of   having a women’s weekend away and though it was tons of work she managed to accomplish the task with around 35 women attending. This meant that Pastor Aldo and I were bachelors for the weekend though we had to care for their daughter Rebecca. Being bachelors, I made hamburgers for Aldo, Rebecca and Osvaldo, the worship leader, and his two girls. The women all reported meeting with God in powerful ways. Mariela spoke on the Beth Moore subject, “Having a Mary Heart in Martha World.”



Pastor Aldo Cerasino, Mariela and Rebecca their daughter.







Ann Hinrich’s of Minneapolis put together a team of six (they had all been here before), four women and two men. They arrived in Italy before me and went right away to serve a church in Trento (the north of Italy). This is a relationship cultivated by them alone and they have been well received and very effective in their ministry, first to the youth and then in Sunday services. They arrived in Parma a day before me and while the women were away on the coast at the retreat, the men (Luke Hinrichs and Tom Mills) assisted Pastor Francesco Abortivi.


   The Minneapolis Team working the book    table on the streets of Parma..

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