Purple Kool-Aid & BCOM Students

Shades of Jim Jones and People’s Temple Cult

I told them, "Trust me, I'm an evangelist."

I said, “Trust me, I’m an evangelist.”

In the early ministry years, people accused me of putting a spell on people. “Oh, Tony, he’s a cultist?” That wasn’t true then but now…. heeeehhhehhhehhhhe!” Okay, so this isn’t a photo of mass suicide at all. This was the end result of Winterfest.

Sorry about the picture. I was rushed. They were all screaming at me because my flash was interrupting their movie viewing.


And at seven years of age he couldn’t boil water.

My, what watching “The Food Network” can do!

Matt the Chef and his impressive fare!

Matt the Chef and his impressive fare!

This might embarrass Matt but I never expected to ever see his feminine side. He did sort of sometimes walk like a girl but I never would have thought that he would be spending hours over the stove making cookies, grilling, frying baking… you name it.

Truthfully, he’s pretty good at this sort of stuff. I never imagined twice baked potatoes, caprese salad, grilled pork chops, broccoli. He even made broccoli taste pretty durn good.

The outcome.


Once, when he was seven I simply asked him to put some water on for coffee. I thought he knew what I meant. He seemed to have done what I told him. He went to the kitchen, came back to the livingroom and plopped down on the couch. In a while I said, “Did you put the water on?” He said, “Yep.” I could hear something in the kitchen. ‘Is that water running?,” I asked. He said, “Yep, you told me to put the water on for coffee.” Matt always had trouble connecting the dots. This indicates a big improvement, not only in culinary skills but also in logic.


Seeing Grandkids





This being a traveling Bible teacher is just terrible… what a hard life!

There are just a few perks (go eat your heart out) with my job. Sure, I’m out of my bed and I don’t have my stuff but I do get a paid trip  to Minneapolis several times a year where I can keep up with these two and other grandchildren (more about them later). It seems to me that we have a pretty good gene pool outcome here. In this case we have Matt and Noemi’s kids.

Now, let’s see, how good a guesser are you? Which picture did Noemi, my photographic genius daughter-in-law take and which did I?

You can see her smashing work by following this link…


Here's Leyton, the other one.

Here's Leyton, the other one.



The Book of Acts BCOM

It’s a good batch of folks.

My sixty-three waiting students.
My sixty-three waiting students.
I manage to pick-up about three gigs a year here at the college where I spent almost ten years. I am teaching Acts but will come back in a month for Corinthians and then in the summer I do two weeks on Apologetics for Evangelism.
There are 28 chapters in Acts. I have been given 24 hours to get through the entire thing and also provide two in class tests. Let me tell you how well I am doing at this. It is Wednesday, I have completed nine hours of my alotted twenty-four and we have just finished chapter 3.
I like these kids (a few adults are sprinkled in among them) and consider it a pleasure to be their instructor for a short time.