The Book of Acts BCOM

It’s a good batch of folks.

My sixty-three waiting students.
My sixty-three waiting students.
I manage to pick-up about three gigs a year here at the college where I spent almost ten years. I am teaching Acts but will come back in a month for Corinthians and then in the summer I do two weeks on Apologetics for Evangelism.
There are 28 chapters in Acts. I have been given 24 hours to get through the entire thing and also provide two in class tests. Let me tell you how well I am doing at this. It is Wednesday, I have completed nine hours of my alotted twenty-four and we have just finished chapter 3.
I like these kids (a few adults are sprinkled in among them) and consider it a pleasure to be their instructor for a short time.

One comment on “The Book of Acts BCOM

  1. Drew Powell says:

    Hay Tony
    Its Drew Powell
    you probably do not know me by my name but I am the guy that records the classes at Bcom, I am the Acts class right now. 😀
    I just wanted to say heller “that means hello” lol haha and that you are a really good artist i saw some of your stuff its good. Honestly its not my style but its a whole lot better then what I can do lol haha I like to do abstract art that way when I mess up I can say it is art and people can’t make fun of the way it looks LOL HAHAHA 😀 Well I wanted to say thank you so much for being yourself and the person that God made you by not being fake and teaching us how to live the word and letting the Spirit Speak through you. 😀
    May God Keep Reigning Down On You!! 😀
    Peace Love and Jesus!!

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