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Exiting News from Italy!

Pastor Aldo Cerasino recently wrote to say that the church we began (Gruppo Cristiano Latino Americano) almost six years ago have just baptized nine new believers most of whom are Italian’s! This is huge news since Italian’s are incredibly resistant to the Gospel. Few churches in Italy are reaching the lost.

Less than a week later he called again to say that they will have to have another baptism. A young Italian woman of 27 years and a socialite in the city of Parma had accepted Jesus and insisted on being baptized. One of the major national newspapers, La Repubblica have called Aldo and asked to interview him about his church.

 aldo francesco (2)







ACCI Missionaries, Aldo Cerasino and Francesco Abortivi displaying their American and Canadian loyalties.

 Missionary Training Center  

Another of our Italian leaders, Francesco Abortivi has taken the initiative to expand what we began a few years ago, The Parma Institute of Christian Thought and Leadership Development into a European wide, multi-church / multi agency church planting and missionary training center located in Parma. He has now met with some eight major associations which indicate a willingness to cooperate with our vision.


Screaming KidThe Inconvenience of Cancer

When cancer shows up you can’t just ignore it. There is no sticking one’s head in the sand – whistling through the graveyard. It is like a screaming child in a crowded mall. You just have to stop, take it by the hand and deal with it.  

We are in our sixth month of going from doctor to surgeon, surgeon to oncologist, oncologist to chemo, chemo to radiation, to MRI’s. Basically the news is good and everything seems to be going better than expected (easy for me to say since I am experiencing none of the physical discomfort) though at any time you expect another shoe to drop. “Oppppppps! We’re sorry, we’ve made a little mistake…..”


Living by Faith is Scary

 Yet, we are happy to have had health insurance when we did. It was no accident that Jeanne got a job after a year and a half of being unemployed and just when our COPRA health insurance at $784.00 a month came to an end. It costs a lot of money to insure old people. Her employee insurance (the primary reason for taking a job) was just what we needed at just the moment we needed it. To this point we have spent almost $30,000 on treatment. If we had not been insured we would have been in serious financial trouble. Even so, we still have about $3,000 to $4,000 in out of pocket expenses. Jeanne has also used up her vacation, sick days and has missed a lot of work. Yet with all of this, even with the downturn in the economy and the loss of a major supporter, more people have been prompted to step up and help. It could have been catastrophic! Because of all of your prayers we have been more up than down. To all of you – those who have prayed, given and others who have called, written or gone out of their way to visit (Canadians: Brian Gallagher, Ralph and Lois Kellet, Mark Peterkins and Larry Brune, Ken and Linda Roth), from the bottom of our hearts, we give thanks.
“Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his.”                                                                                                                                                                  2 Timothy 2:19

Added to the additional costs associated with having a screaming child, I have had to also just come to a full STOP. I suppose that you all know that this is not my style. Having spent about twenty weeks a year on the road in ministry it is difficult to be in God’s waiting room. It seems that all I have been doing is waiting but (Lord willing and with your help) this will soon come to an end.


Minneapolis, Bethany College of Missions and Bethany Church

June 28 – July 10

Teaching Evangelism and Apologetics


   I had a good two weeks here teaching almost sixty students getting ready for their sixteen month internships abroad. At one ACCI information night at least fifteen showed up to see how they could join ACCI.



many glacier-minnesota-thunderbay 373

I preached an evangelistic message “Like Jumping to Capri” that I hope to preach in other cities as the Lord provides opportunity. You can hear this message at http://www.bethanytc.org.


Ottawa, Canada                                                                

August and September

Consulting for a spring evangelistic campaign

Chapel Ridge Anniversary Services

Jeanne and I will be in Ottawa for Chapel Ridge’s 25th Anniversary over the weekend of September 25-27th. Both Jeanne and I will be sharing at various events that are yet to be scheduled. Jeanne will return home and back to work with BGEA while I stay on for planning meetings with the Chapel Ridge spring outreach team.

ACCI Annual Board Meeting



Executive Directors, John and Amy Haley will be coming in for the Board meetings on October 2-4 and I will stay in the Ottawa area until Monday, October 5th to attend those meetings.



October 19 – 23

Outreach to Noviates at Gregorian Seminary

Ever since visiting Rome last November, I have felt this inner compulsion to reach out to the young priests who study at The Vatican Pontifical University. Years ago I read the book “Christ at the Round Table,” by Methodist Missionary to India, E. Stanley Jones. He felt that the best way to reach India was to meet with the Brahman’s in the Ashram and that’s what he did. He put Jesus up against the god’s of the Hindu world. I feel like someone needs to engage these young men. I will invite about five to eight to have dinner with me.

 Visit with Missionary-Church Planters in Rome and the Province of Lazio


Parma, Italy and Region                                                    

October 24 – November 3

Men’s RetreatMen's Retreat Fall 2008 023Men's Retreat Fall 2008 016




I’m looking forward to being on a three day retreat with about twenty or thirty men from two Parma congregations. We did this last year with good success.


The women’s conference which was launched just last year has grown to full capacity of more than fifty ladies.







                                    European Missionary Training Base Consultations

                                    Youth events

                                    Pastor and Missionary Encouragement

                                    Preaching and Evangelism

Latino congregational pics 002

I always have many opportunities to share the gospel personally and in church services when in the Parma region.



November 4 – 9

Ministry and Leadership Development School

Teaching and Preaching



I have been asked to teach a course on Teaching and Preaching to about twelve students enrolled in the ministry program (See pictures in their letter of invitation). On Saturday night and Sunday I will preach to the congregation and their invited guests.


Trento and Venice, Italy

Church visits

Almost three years ago Ann Hinrichs of our ACCI Italy team began to cultivate a relationship with a church and Christian Retreat Center in the Trento area of northern Italy. Since then, she and her team have made at least three visits. John and Amy have met with leaders and pastors in the area but I have never been, so I will this time around. Because of efforts of this nature, ACCI has connections from Sicily in the south to the Alps in the north and from Torino in the west to Ancona on the Adriatica.  


I am always stopping into Venice to reach out with the gospel to my friends Piero and Natalie Pugiotto and others that I am introduced to in the Venice area. One day I hope to see a church planted in Venice and, at this moment, I know of no Christian church in this city.


Are you able to help me do this?

Your financial help would be greatly appreciated. Several supporters have not been able to keep their commitments for my salary and travel support so I need new partners to continue with me in this fruitful work. You are my closest friends and know my experience, labor and effectiveness in ministry. If I have proven myself faithful then see how you might be able to assist me in these next outreach ministries. Remember, I never ask a fee for anything that I do and most churches are too poor to assist me. “Freely I have received, freely I give.”

The budget for Europe looks like this…

            Airfare                                                  $800.

            Ground Travel                                   $250.

            Meals and miscellaneous              $350.

            Lodging                                                $300 (Rome).

            Entertainment                                   $400. (Dinner with Priests Project)

            Euro Exchange Rate Difference  $900


            Total                                                    $3,000.

With deep Christian affection,

Tony and Jeanne 


Take a minute and read these recent invitations from Finland, Italy and Slovenia…

From YWAM Finland

Hello Mr Hedrick,

I got your contact information from Sarah Buchkosky. She told me that you teach about evangelism and that the best thing in you is that you do before you teach.

I am leading next DTS ( YWAM) in Rovaniemi, Finland and I am looking for a teacher for evangelism. Sarah said that you might be in Europe next fall. Our school are low budged so I would like to ask how much you would charge and would you be open to come and pay your way here?

It would be so great to have you with us!!

Be blessed,

Alice Degerman

 YWAM-Missionuoret Rovaniemi

Eteläranta 13

96300 Rovaniemi



 From Italy

 Att: Tony Hedrick

Obg: invitation to preach and teach in Italy, during the October 2009.

Dear Tony Hedrick,

Will be a pleasure to have you in Italy, during next October 2009 to preach and to teach in our church,Gruppo Cristiano LatinoAmericano of Parma.

During this time we would like to organize a weekend for men,( like last year), and if you can teach in that time will be nice.

Also the church want to listen you during the Sunday service.

We hope that you can accept this invitation.

Waiting your reply

In Him, many blessing

Cerasino Leonardo & DeLosSantos Mariela



From Slovenia

28 May 2009

Dear Tony,

Re: Certificate of Ministry – Ljubljana Slovenia

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior from Ljubljana, we are so pleased that Jeanne is making great progress with her health, this has been great news. We are looking forward to further good news of full recovery in the months to come.

Leadership Training School in Ljubljana.

On behalf of the leadership team here in Ljubljana I would like invite you to teach in our Certificate of Ministry program here in late October of this year. As you know we started a Bible study program here just over one year ago with the goal of training 7-10 young people for future leadership positions within the church here in Slovenia. We have 11 students enrolled, who will take 15 courses in seminar format over 2 ½ years.

We would ask that you would prepare a seminar on “Methods of Teaching,” however you will have a lot of scope with this course to introduce subjects such as teaching methodology, conducting seminars and communication etc. The students will have completed a “Homiletics Course” all will have been involved in leading a service by this time. Furthermore on either Friday or Saturday night we will plan an Evangelism outreach, with local band and new souls.

Thanking you in advance of you kind consideration of our request.


Chris J Scobie

For BCC Ljubljana