Chapel Ridge’s 25th Anniversary Legacy Party

Over two hundred were in attendance at the dessert fellowship.

Over two hundred were in attendance at the dessert fellowship.

Guests enjoyed outstanding desserts as they recalled the various milestones, miracles and stories of twenty-five years collectively serving Christ in the region.

Numerable tales of God’s provision were recounted as well as recalling the numbers of those who have been married, baptized, converted, trained and sent out into ministries through this “life-giving” congregation. 

Later in the service I spoke on “The Spirit of Caleb,” and how this church did not listen to the voices of doubt. Together we accomplished what could not be done without the aid of God. I went on to further say that, ” I did not know of a single church of this size that has even come close to the contributions to the Kingdom that Chapel Ridge has made. Chapel Ridge has sent out more missionaries, started more ministries and congregations, trained and deployed more pastors and leaders than any other I know of. These people have truly been spent in extending the Kingdom of God. The ongoing impact of Chapel Ridge is literally being felt around the world.

A River… not a Reservoir

I am proud to say that I have known and served this band of people and even though many have moved on to other congregations and new people have arrived, Chapel Ridge is content to have been a river instead of a reservoir. The weekend was a great time of renewing old acquaintances and catching up on the latest news.

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