Mission Commission at Chapel Ridge

Six Short-Term Missionaries are Commissioned

072 Regrettably, many churches have lost interest in fulfilling Jesus’ last command to, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.”  The good news is –  there are still a number of “Great Commission” congregations and Chapel Ridge is one of them. On this particular October Sunday six were sent out on assignments ranging from the Arab world to street people and local prison inmates.

Here in this picture Pastor Ken Roth hands the microphone to ACCI intercessor, Ray Borg who prays for Tony Hedrick , J and A who will be serving in Italy and Slovenia. Following, he commissioned Lauren Carrion and Leslie Brune (her mother, Debbie Narraway stood in for Leslie in her absence) who will be serving workers in Uganda, Zambia, Dubai, Turkey, Italy and England. Finally, he prayed for ACCI’s leadership, John and Amy Haley along with Eliane Guite an ACCI missionary who serves both locally and abroad. IMG_8108In the background we see the Chapel Ridge SAS  (Serving as Senders) Team laying hands on those going out. This is always an emotionally moving moment. “Those who wait also serve.” 

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