Entry 4 Parma, Italy

Sunday Morning

October 25, 2009

Corcagnano, Italy

The house is filled with the smell of olive oil and garlic as Mariela, singing to a Christian music by Nicola Battaglia while in the kitchen cooking us something great!  We will go at 2:30 for a service which includes the wedding of Daniel (Brazil) and Michelle (DR) so it appears to be a full day until midnight when the festivities end.

I’ll tell more about all of this next week after I return from my visit with YWAM, Village of Praise leader, Beto Tavares, a Brazilian. I will return to Parma by way of Citta di Castello where Luke and Dawn Mann, missionary friends from Vermont have been living.

Leslie Narraway Brune and Lauren Carrion of Ottawa, Canada
Leslie Narraway Brune and Lauren Carrion of Ottawa, Canada

Yesterday was terrific with Lauren Carrion (ACCI Canada Director) and Leslie Brune of Ottawa, Canada arriving from Cinque Terra where they have stayed for a few days before going to Florence and then out to Turkey and finally England returning home to Canada. They have already been to Uganda, Zambia and Dubai.

They arrived in Piazza Garibaldi exactly at 1PM when I met them. The others would show up later, around 1:30 so we had some time to talk and secure a reservation for nine people at La Duchessa in the city center. After taking our table, others arrived.  

Rebecca and Aldo Cerasino, Tony Hedrick, Leslie Brune, Lauren Carrion, Julio, Francesco and Francesca Abortivi.
Rebecca and Aldo Cerasino, Tony Hedrick, Leslie Brune, Lauren Carrion, Julio, Francesco and Francesca Abortivi.

In all there was ACCI missionary Francesco Abortivi, his wife Alessia with son, Julio and daughter Francesca. Francesco is the Director of Progetto Archippo, our Missionary Training and Church Planting School in Parma.  Then also with us was ACCI missionary Pastor Aldo Cerasino (Gruppo Latino Americano Cristiano) and his daughter Rebecca.

Strolling Parma at Passagiata

Strolling Parma at Passagiata


We had lunch and then walked Via Cavour with gelato in hand. At four we all split up and I went with Lauren and Leslie to the train.

Ilaria and Andrea

Ilaria and Andrea

Later in the evening, around seven, I was picked up to go out to a village for super at the home of Juliana and Andrea. Juliana always sets a splendid table of local meats and homemade pickled and hot items not found in the regular market.

I was surprised by a brief visit from Andrea and Juliana’s daughter Iliaria and her new husband (also Andrea) and proposed to get together sometime next week when Jevin and Ashley Maltais of Ottawa, Canada arrive to join me here in the Parma area.

I’m finally back to the Cerasino’s and in bed by midnight.

PRAYER REQUEST:  I am having a terrible time with pain in my shoulder and not sleeping well at all. This has gone on for over two years with only one six month cortisone break. There is not a pill in the world that will give me relief.

2 comments on “Entry 4 Parma, Italy

  1. Amy Haley says:

    Dad, I am praying for your shoulder! May God grant you some relief. It has been wonderful to follow along on your blog. I missed being a part of that lunch with those lovely people. Hope the wedding was great.

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