Entry 6 Parma to Bologna

In route to Pescara

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pescara Trip Oct 26 2009 001

Francesca reading "How to have Peace with God"

I suppose you won’t believe me if I tell you that her name is Francesca? Is every girl in Italy a Francesca? As I waited on my train I saw this young lady reading what appeared to me to be a Jehovah’s Witness publication. It was identical in size and formatted with typography identical to Watchtower materials that cover Italy from the top to the toe. I looked over her shoulder and saw a heading, “Why Pray to Mary?” Now I was certain, so I politely told her that the magazine she was reading was false doctrine that was when she made me to know that it was a Catholic booklet. I could see what they have done. There are so many going over to or being taught by the JW’s the Roman Catholics have come back at them tit for tat. Well, nothing was improved by her reading a Catholic publication over a JW so I engaged her by explaining that I was an  Protestant and believe only Jesus, only scripture, only grace, only by faith, inviting her to church, then handing her the one tract that I had left, Come avere pace con Dio (How to have peace with God).” She took it and began to read it. So, you may think, BIG Deal! It is a BIG DEAL when we manage to get an Italian to even consider the gospel.

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