Entry 15 Latino Congregation in Parma

Parma, Italy

November 1, 2009

Sunday Service 11 01 09 001

The gathering of more than one hundred

With a holiday tomorrow and so much going on in Milano – Luis Pulau – we knew that it might turn out to be a less attended service than others but to our surprise about one hundred thirty showed up and about twenty first time visitors, most of them Italian.

Sunday Service 11 01 09 005

At my expressive best... rather weird, right?

I preached a similar message that I preached at Chapel Ridge in Canada, “Like Jumping to Capri.” The delivery was smooth with serious intention on the part of the listeners. At the end I made a clear presentation of the opportunity to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. I know of one who talked to me and I also have an appointment to meet a man named Johnny on Tuesday in the morning. All of the team here felt that the message went over well and the translation by Mariela on target.

Sunday Service 11 01 09 010
J and A making their pitch

J and A’s Pizza Party

At the end of the meeting J and A were introduced and they extended the invitation to more youth to come to Monday night’s PIZZA PARTY to be hosted by them. There are around thirty that have signed up to be there. This should be a good time and I will write on it tomorrow. I’ll include photos of the event so you can be there with us. 

Keep us in prayer. It’s been good so far!

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