Entry 17 J e A’s Pranza Ultima

Parma, Italy

November 2, 2009

Jev and Ash Pizza Party 11 02 009 002

Recovering from la pranza ultima... the ultimate lunch

We began the afternoon by meeting at the train station (where else as it is the only place in the city that J and A immediately recognize). We looked for a warm, dry place to spend about three hours (what else as it was pouring cats and dogs).

Jev and Ash Pizza Party 11 02 009 001

Interior shot of J and A

I had promised them that we would have one extravagant cultural experience while in Parma. This meant, for me, that we would have lunch at Trattoria di Corriere. I believe most people would agree that this is simply the best traditional, regional fare in Parma, a city renowned for some of the best food items in all of Italy. In fact, Parma is so food famous that food industry champions come here to beef up on the latest. After all, this is the home of prochuitto and formaggio di parmigiano.  

We did indulge ourselves slightly, though not as much as we should have. Frankly, we filled up too fast or we would have eaten a ton more. Now remember, most of the time we are eating pasta with our friends so pro-rated this works out to be about 3 euro a day – I am attempting to express our apology to those of you who are experiencing pangs of envy.

11 04 09 002

11 04 09 003



Here, let me break it down for you. We started with Torta Fritta (see a photo of it on an earlier blog), minestrone and a dish of peppers and onions for the guy with ciliac disease. His uncaring wife, A turned a blind eye to his limited palette and ordered up tagliatelli with cream sauce and funghi. J can’t eat farina, he can only handle a limited amount of lactic products and hates mushrooms. I helped her as much as I was able. Okay, by now we are stuffed and didn’t even bother with the primi and went straight to dolce of Torte di Limone (lemon cake), Frutta Mista (mixed fruit) and Tirimisu ( if you don’t know what this, you are not alive and on this planet).

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