Entry 22 Teaching on Preaching

Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian / Post Modern World

Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 5, 2009

Ljub School 11 06 09 002We arrived at the church where I often stay and are shown to our rooms. Downstairs the youth are practicing worship and then special music sung capella. This part of the world still knows how to sing parts and it is beautiful to hear the melodies echo up the stairway broken by the occasional laughter.

J and A are just across the hall in a double mattress laid on the floor in a room which normally only has a desk and a photocopy machine. I have the better of the two rooms with a real bed, couch, small table with two chairs and an adjoining bathroom which I will share in shifts with J and A. They get the mornings and I the afternoons.

At seven we have gathered with ten to twelve students in the sanctuary that seats about 100 on Sunday morning. Though I am well-known by all but one person, I am introduced, welcomed and take the platform alongside Chris’ wife Sabina, an outstanding interpreter that I worked with at least a dozen or more times.

The group are incredibly attentive as I speak on the subject of “Preaching to the Unchurched.” This is a two-hour lecture that will picked up once more on Saturday morning when it will be expected that each student will have to give a brief ten or fifteen minute message.

2 comments on “Entry 22 Teaching on Preaching

  1. Ciao boss, mi è piacciuto tanto legere le tue notizie.
    Vi voglio bene.

    • tonyhedrick says:

      You have been a tremendous blessing (an Oasis along the way) for my dear friends, Jevin and Ashley. I will send and bring more friends your way. You are terrific hosts.

      Grazie mille. Benedica.

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