Entry 21 Trieste to Ljubljana

Trieste, Italy in route to Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 5, 2009

Chris Trieste to Ljub 11 06 09 001

Chris, J and A

After missing or rather, after being mis-informed, about a train to Mestre, Italy (Venice) we got stuck having to pay an extra 17,40 Euro to ride the faster and more comfortable, First Class EuroStar. Once in Mestre and transferred on to another clunker for two hours we arrive in Trieste, the city where I spent my first three or four years before moving to serve in  Parma. We are met by Pastor Chris Scobie and taken to his car then shuttled on another hour to Ljubljana the capital city of two million person nation and former Yogoslavian – Titoesk state.

Chris Trieste to Ljub 11 06 09 003

Can you imagine? There are only 1,000 evangelical believers in the entire country.

Chris Trieste to Ljub 11 06 09 005

Chris explaining the difference between nationalism and patriotism

When we finally stop for coffee Chris attempts to explain to J and A the spiritual, social, political and historical dynamics of this complicated part of the world.

One comment on “Entry 21 Trieste to Ljubljana

  1. Hebe says:

    HI BOSS! I am so happy that God is blessing you and thru you. I praise the Lord!!!!!!! Please say hello to Chris and his wife…and say to Jevin and Ashley that we miss them.
    Love u Boss, hope to see you soon!

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