Entry 23 Thank God for ThermaFlu.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

November 5-8, 2009


If I were an authentic Italian this would not have been the common cold (raffreddora). This must be INFLUENZA! At the moment there is an obsession. Everyone is stricken with influenza – not  just the normal kind, but rather, the kind that kills. At the greeting, “Come stai?” I am met with an automatic, “ Male, molto male, io ho influenza!”  

Ljub School 11 06 09 008
The Thursday night session with about twelve students.

Well, I caught the raffreddora – a cold. This put me in bed for about three days and the only time I got out of bed was to teach, preach or eat and there was plenty of this going on during the four days I was in Ljubljana.


We arrived on Thursday evening and immediately started to work with a two and one half hour lecture on “Communicating Christian Thought in a Post Christian, Post Modern World”, another word for preaching, though a different kind (preaching to the non-Christian mind).

Evangelism Appeal Friday Night

Preaching on Friday evening

In the class room, (the sanctuary converted) I had about twelve rather keen students who seemed to like just about everything that came out of my mouth. Now you must understand, I am not brilliant but in a world where there is virtually nothing from the outside so for them, I have the status of a Billy Graham. They treat me this way. I’m not sure why. Perhaps they know that I care about them enough to invest in them. Maybe it is because I genuinely show affection for them but whatever the reason, I feel respected and appreciated, even revered.

Preaching Seminar 11 07 09 012
J and A talking to Pastor Chris Scobie

This was the plan. Pastor Chris Scobie had me set up to teach on Thursday evening and Saturday morning and then preaching on Friday evening (evangelism) and Sunday morning (Thanksgiving in Slovenia).



At the moment it is Tuesday and I write catch-up blogs on the train from Venice to Verona. I won’t write every detail except to say that in spite of the fact that I spent all of my spare time in bed, we had a variety of well attended services filled with enthusiasm. I will attempt to take you there through photographs and here are a few highlights.

Student lunch crop








J and A hosted the training school to lunch at the local restaurant.

The students preached with passion and excellent content. In actual fact, some preached better than most of my preaching students at Bethany College of Missions. This they did without having much exposure to different preaching styles. These young people seem to have something to say.







Preacher 4



Preaching Seminar 11 07 09 032
Students listening and waiting

Slovenia Pics 021The worship was incredible with two bands and a choir all made up of very talented young people.




Slovenia Pics 015Sunday morning was a packed house with over a hundred seats filled.

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