Entry 26 Between Padua and Vicenza

Rich, Rhonda, Ashley and Tori Hanssen

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hanssens Padova 11 10 09 007Rich suggests that I take the train to a small village called Grisignano di Zocco (see the photo) where he would, as they say in Italy, come and “collect” me.




Hanssens cropped
Tori, Rich, Rhonda and Ashley

I arrived in time for lunch and went immediately to their beautiful home. For a variety of reasons (usually economic) most missionaries here are usually forced into living in sub-standard housing until they find their way around and make the necessary cultural connections.

I wondered how they could have such a great place at such a tremendously fair price. American’s get gouged but this doesn’t appear to have happened in this case.

Hanssens Padova 11 10 09 004
Their basement sanctuary

It is explained that the landlords are very nice and quite wealthy (or so it appears since they have just purchased a completely refurbished seven hundred year old villa in the heart of the village).  What a nice deal this turns out to be since they can also host their church of some thirty-five or so in the basement where they have a sanctuary and classroom – nursery.

Hanssens Padova 11 10 09 005
The adjacent nursery

It was about five years ago that I first came into contact with the Hanssen’s when Rich inquired of me how to go about getting papers to settle in Italy. I was able to provide a few tools through another friend and he, Rhonda and the girls are now in the Aviano region primarily serving American military personnel stationed at the airbase near there. Over the last few years they have attracted others including Italian’s, Liberian’s and Spanish speakers.

The girls are both very crafty and talented so I enjoyed seeing Ashley’s quilts and Tori’s jewelry. Their mother, Rhonda put together a wonderful (mostly American styled) lunch and after a talk with prayer, I went back to the train to make my way on down to Verona for the night in a three star (yes, three star!) hotel. I know this wouldn’t be suitable for Benny Hinn but it works for me.  

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