Italy and Slovenia Ministry Trip / Fall 2009

Via Garibaldfi

Original Watercolor by Tony Hedrick, Via Garabaldi, Parma, Italy

October 19 – November 12, 2009

In this series of

26  Entires 

you will be able to follow my most recent  adventure which covered approximately 17,000 miles in twenty-four days. 

In this blog series you can view perhaps as many as 100 photographs, meet some of the many contacts that I have made along the way and missionary friends that I serve alongside.

Your comments are always welcome.


2 comments on “Italy and Slovenia Ministry Trip / Fall 2009

  1. lea jones says:

    hi Tony…
    Really enjoyed reading about your trip in Europe. I love love love how you are excited about sharing Jesus with one person, how refreshing. thank you.
    i guess that’s why you were my favorite teacher!
    Jesus is so wonderful


    • tonyhedrick says:

      Thanks, Lea… Sad that I get that (well, at least 5,000 miles closer than I am at the moment) close to St. Etienne and it still seems so far away. Love to see you and yours. I must always remember that this business is about trees not forests. Tend to the individual trees and the forest will take care of itself. Thanks for your comment.

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