Entry 1 / Bethany College of Missions

The Book of Acts

Bethany College of Missions, Minneapolis

March 7-17, 2010

One of the Perks!

The work starts tomorrow morning at 8AM when I enter a classroom with about fifty to sixty missionary students. I have taught Acts on at least fifteen separate occasions to approximately 1,000 people. I used to be allowed and entire semester of three, one hour classes a week for thirteen weeks. In other words, minus the five exam periods, I had about 36 hours of lecture time. Even when I had such time available, I never managed to complete the entire book and often only got as far as Chapter 21 (there are twenty-eight chapters). I have my work cut out for me.

But… in the meantime…  

Next weekend I will have the opportunity to visit my son Sky, his wife Angie and two children, Justin and Alysha in Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Jesse and Dylan getting ready to devour a scrumptious lunch of homemade soup and bagels!

Today I had lunch with my daughter Rachel, Jeremy her husband and two boys, Jesse and Dylan.


This is what a real bagel looks like. You should taste it! Most of my friends who have only tried Brueggers or Einsteins have yet to taste the real thing. Wait until you sink your teeth into a Montreal style bagel – a hand rolled, wood fired bagel made by authentic Jewish rabbinical students. This one turned out by Jeremy comes pretty close

A chip off of the ole’ block!



Tonight I had a quick pizza with my son, Matthew, Pastor of Bethany Church in Minneapolis. During the next seventeen days or so I will have a number of occasions to see his wife Noemi and children, Adriah, Leyton and Clara, the newest one that I haven’t even laid eyes on yet. This is certainly one of the fun parts of being away from home for two weeks or more.

                                Punch Pizza…                       

The closest an American can come to Napoli without leaving the continent.



2 comments on “Entry 1 / Bethany College of Missions

  1. Amy Haley says:

    Looks like a yummy start! xo

  2. Tony Hedrick says:

    Where’s the Maalox?

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