Entry 3 / Bethany College of Missions


Ann and Luke Hinrichs

After teaching for three straight hours in the morning and finally arriving at Acts, Chapter 5, I went for the remainder of the afternoon to Starbuck’s where I drank coffee and worked on my Mormon power point presentation. Every teacher worth his or her salt has to master technology or no one will take him or her seriously.

The Sesame Street generation expects to be entertained while they learn. So while they have promised us, in days past, that instructional technology will save us lots of time and free us up to play golf in the afternoons it has managed to do just the opposite. I am chained to a table in a coffee shop.

The happy visit with the Hinrich’s  

Ann trying to abscond with MY cheese cake

Ann and Luke have been friends for at least thirteen years. I first met Ann while she an I served on the same staff as full-time instructors here at Bethany. Ann is now engaged as the Worship Pastor at Plymouth Congregational Church here in Plymouth, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Plymouth Congregational has about twelve hundred people and three services every weekend so she has a lot to do.

Luke, her husband, is an editor at Bethany House Books and once worked about two office doors away from, but alongside my wife, Jeanne who did a similar job.

 Ann has been on the ACCI Board since the beginning and has a history of making more than twenty-five trips taking teams (nearly 300 people) to the central American country of Belize.

She and her husband Luke have joined me in my effort to help Italy and Slovenia and have made a number of trips to those gospel needy nations as well.

2 comments on “Entry 3 / Bethany College of Missions

  1. Amy Haley says:

    Lovely pics of Ann and Luke! I am so jealous that you are getting to see all of those great people. Give everyone hugs and kisses for me 🙂

  2. Tony Hedrick says:

    Wait’ll you see the next one. I just had dinner with L’il Ms. Clara and her rather cute brother and sister. HA!!!

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