Entry 5 / Weekend in Thunder Bay

Thursday – Sunday

Jesse Greenhouse (left) and Justin Hedrick (right)

Tony as Kermit... "It ain't easy being green"

My grandchildren expect a great deal from me. They have heard stories about my antics and so they expect unusual and mischievious behavior from me.

In particular, the boys have heard tales they want me to live up to, like the time I dressed up in a rabbit suit at Easter and knelt down before Jesus on Highway 169 or another occasion when I pulled up my shirt in front of the Abercrombie and Fitch store, exposing my large and rather unattractive stomach, until security came to inquire if I was out on a day pass or not.

These legends have made their way around and in the process have gotten larger than they really were. My family is generally embarrassed by me except when people retell these stories with apparent enthusiasm at knowing such a person – let alone being related to one. Because of this they want me to tell these funny stories or do odd things in public. They sometimes get in a “Double-Dare” mood and when they do I just can’t help myself.  Over the weekend Jesse and Justin, at different times, wanted me to do weird stuff like this one picture in Starbuck’s at the Chapter’s bookstore in Thunder Bay.

My updated profile pic

Later, my older grandson thought I might look valiant in his paintball helmet. At my age I would stumble over myself just to admired.

4 comments on “Entry 5 / Weekend in Thunder Bay

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ok, Griff still thinks that the Abercrombie story is the BEST he has ever heard, and loves to tell all who will listen about it!!!

  2. Vicki says:

    Tony, that was hilarious! I especially liked the day pass part.

  3. Jevin says:

    I missed the Abercrombie stories.

    I need pictures or it didn’t actually happen.

    • tonyhedrick says:

      This time, however, it was at Hollister.

      No pictures but I assure that it happened. I also did it just last week atCarolina Place Mall. Take my word for it. The two young ladies attending the men’s section did not know what to do but immediately understood my commentary.

      You are a panty-waste coward. Come on step up your game.

      I see that on YOUTUBE now there is a clip of 100 young men doing what I did six years ago. They are all “Johnny come latelys.”

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