Entry 7 / BCOM

I trade work for food…

Tuesday with Amber

On Tuesday afternoon, right after class, I drove out to Prior Lake where I was to give former student and friend Amber Lang (the wife of Rich Lang)  a crash course in watercolor. Noemi, my daughter-in-law (a pretty good watercolorist herself and an even better photographer… www.noemiphotography.com) offered her kitchen table.

Here is a snap shot of me giving pointers. Amber is giving a shot at illustrating a children’s book, something I’ve never done before. I hope that I was able to help her even a little.

This is not out of the goodness of my heart….

Poor Rich. When her husband was a student I often had at my house digging and cutting and trimming so I definitely owe him one. I am only amazed that after I caught him up a tree in my back yard with a chain saw and me without liability insurance that he has lived this long to be married and produce a rather pretty baby – truly I am a debtor. So I did my best though it wasn’t the debt to Rich that attracted me. Amber promised to make me supper and indeed, what a fantastic stew I enjoyed at their house. Jesus was right when he instructed his disciples that should they leave houses, lands, cattle and family members to follow him then they would receive in return all of this a hundred-fold. I can make the boast that I have free beds and meals in literally hundreds of homes in more than twenty nations. Next month fish and chips in London and lutefisk in Norway (not ever). I will be in Norway but I expect the best roast, cheese and salmon in the world.

One comment on “Entry 7 / BCOM

  1. Amber says:

    Thanks Tony– I had a lot of fun painting and visiting with you. And I learned a lot!

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