Entry 9 / Bethany College of Missions


Our last day and a group hug and a memory made…

Almost sixty students being outfitted for mission and ministry

Here’s most of the gang all gathered in front of the main entrance to Bethany College of Missions.

They have had quite a challenge these last wo weeks. First, just to endure me and my stories takes people of unusual stamina. Secondly, even though we only reached Acts, Chapter 17 they had to recall almost all of it for the two tests they took during the course.  I’m impressed (I’m almost always impressed!) as the majority of the students leave this portion of Acts with a full-blown grasp of the content.

One more thing. Let me tell you what’s nice about this experience. I like to watch them grow up and many of them are married with children and on the field. I am often invited to come and teach in their schools or churches in various parts of the world. This is mustard seed faith at work. A small investment, like a small dandelion, has been blown upon and spread all over the globe.

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