Beautiful and Charming… Savannah, Georgia

If y’all ain’t been, ya out’ta go…

Last weekend, Jeanne and I went to Savannah, Georgia for a short holiday. I am certain that in all of North America there is no place as charming as Savannah. I’ve been to contenders like Bourbon Street in New Orleans and Quebec City, Quebec but honestly, block for block there is no place as intriguing as this city. 




“Sacred Harp” Singing

We were having a good time and noticed that on Saturday afternoon The Savannah Music Festival was hosting a “Sacred Harp” ( and at YOUTUBE “Awake My Soul” ) presentation. “Sacred Harp” is nothing like it sounds as it has nothing to with a harp.

“Sacred Harp” acapala, open note singing is as old as America and comes first out of New England and then into the Appalachian mountains where the tradition was carried on by small country churches. There are now branches of this form of singing from New York City to Dallas to Minneapolis and Portland. Still, it remains an intriguing, howbeit, obscure and “folksy” sort of cultural art form.

2 comments on “Beautiful and Charming… Savannah, Georgia

  1. Teri Sommer says:

    Aww, I agree! Savannah is beautiful, though its been a long time since I’ve been there. Glad yu had fun. You need to come through and vist us one of these days, though I can’t promise you quaint like Savannah. 🙂

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