Entry 1 Norway/England

I’m a Vikings fan!

 My first post from one hour southwest of Oslo near the small village of Holmestrand where I was met at the train by Kevin, a Norwegian from Massachusetts. Out here in the countryside is a small Bible college which in English would be called The Smyrna Bible Institute. 

Kevin Fagerland my chaffeur

My first day was spent in the London Gatwick airport where the want of a cheaper ticket (Jeanne has taught me skills like this. She always seems to manage to find more for less) I sat in the lobby from 7:20 AM until 2:40 in the afternoon. The wait seems unending when all you want to do is lay down somewhere and take a good nap. I don’t sleep well on planes so here it was 7:20 London time but for me it was only 2:20 in the morning and I would have to wait the clock around before I reached my destination in Oslo. 

Tomorrow OSLO 



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