Entry 2 / Norway and England


You know, I’ve never been pilfered, pickpocketed or robbed. The only time I have ever had any problem at all is when my bag goes through airline SECURITY. Trust me, the word doesn’t mean a thing. You might think that this would be the safest place in the world but I assure you that it is not and the worst part of losing something is how stupid and inconvenient it all is. Guess what they took? They didn’t take my shoes like they did Pastor Ken Roth in Italy. They took my mini-can of airline approved “Foamy” shaving cream. They left everything else but that. This doesn’t sound like much until you have to make a public appearance and look like a dumpster diver. Now just try to get to a can of shaving cream when you must have someone, whom you are already imposing on, drive you about just for a clean shave.

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