Entry 3 / Norway and England

It is early Thursday morning and I am writng from the Norwegian countryside and The Smyrna Bible Institute where I will begin teaching at 9:45 this morning and do this for three days through Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t told but I am learning now that I will also be preaching each evening and twice on Sunday so it is some heavy lifting I must say and John Wesley would think me a panty-waste to even whine about such a light schedule as this.

 Oslo / Tuesday

My Oslo hosts Lillis and Roar

See what I mean?

Right away and there to meet me at the airport was my friend Roar Haldorsen Strat who drove me to his home in south Oslo where I stayed once before. After greeting his wife Lillis, I ate a terrific Norwegian style supper of crispy baked salmon, boiled potatoes with sour cream, salad, heavy home-made bread and a spell-binding dessert of ice cream and raspberries. My wife, Jeanne was born to be a Norwegian. This is her ideal menu and then in the morning, what could be better than fresh fruit, yogurt, toast, juice,  whole grain cereals and so it goes.  

Roar is the Director of Frontiers in Norway

We visited a short bit and I went on to bed at 8PM (I thought it was eight but it was really nine since Norway is six, not five hours different from home in Carolina).  I had a great sleep and woke up early to catch the train to Holmestrand. 


One comment on “Entry 3 / Norway and England

  1. Amy Haley says:

    Say “hi” to Roar and Lillis for us! xo

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