Entry 4 / Norway and England

I don’t know where I am but it is pretty.

The left side of Smyrna Institute

I am here now. Wherever here is, I am there. I was picked up and delivered to my room in a lovely three-story building that houses the Smyrna Bible Institute. After getting settled I met the Headmaster, Reidar Gamst and a variety of students coming and going.

The right side of Smyrna Institute

Norway is and Norwegians are very much like Canada and Canadians. Yesterday we had a heat wave here. The snow (for the most part) is melted and the Norwegians have kicked off their shoes and like calves released from the long winter in the stall they are ready to party.

Everything is relative. In the south we know when it is warm and when it is not but northerners have no way to tell. At the first hint of warmth they are ready to go for a swim.

A Canadian was once asked by an Indonesian, “Do you have summer in Canada?” “Of course we have summer,” so said the Canadian chap. The Indonesian came back with this. “What do you do in the summer in Canada?” To which the Canadian replied, “Well, if it falls on a Sunday, we usually have a picnic.”

I owe this joke to Paul Strand who is not normally known for his joke telling. Paul Strand is a Minnesotan of direct Norwegian extraction who served as a missionary in Indonesia. The only thing I changed is this, he used Minnesotan for Canadian but the reality remains the same. Minnesota and Canada are interchangeable words.


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