Entry 9 / Norway and England

Karin’s Bakerintsalg

Yep, it’s a real word. I am often a barbarian to these people and they are barbarian’s to me. I understand more of what they are saying when they pray in tongues than I understand when they speak in Norwegian. I am sure that the words are very nice words but a single word can get extremely long and I’m not sure why. Does it ever surprise you how many languages and sounds can be formed from a rather limited number of graphic characters?

For instance, I am sure that the Norwegian word “Bakerintsalg” accomplishes much more than it appears to.

Business as Missions

This the Headmaster’s wife Karin’s idea  of how she might make a little more money for the school and at the same time intersect the unbelievers in the area. Karin only bakes bread and rolls on Fridays. At about noon cars start to arrive in the door yard of The Smyrna Bible Institute and within about three or four hours most of the five kinds of artisan breads are gone to about fifty nearby homes. Julia Frey, are you listening?

2 comments on “Entry 9 / Norway and England

  1. bradnjulia says:

    Great idea, I am just not too confident that I can offer Italians anything they can’t get somewhere else! I will keep thinking…

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