Entry 12 / Norway and London?

The Last Night?


Gunnar (left) and Roar (right)

First, I went by tram into Oslo with Roar Halderson where we met up with Gunnar. I spent today (Tuesday) walking about Oslo with my friend Gunnar Andaas of Volda on the west coast. He came up to Oslo to spend a couple of days and meet with me regarding our shared interest in Sri Lanka, New Life Literature.

It was nice to run around with my camera and just click at anything that looked potentially paintable or frameable. It is supposed to be the last night in Norway but it appears that I may be here for longer than I had originally planned. The volcanic ash has moved further south and now hovers over England causing planes coming and coming to be grounded or diverted. Tomorrow at 12:50 I was scheduled to be on my way to Gatwick but this may no longer be the case so I am trying to figure out how to stretch my money, how to re-route myself by plane directly to the United States, hitch a ride with a truck driver going in the direction of London or taking the long way around riding trains, buses and so forth through Copenhagen, Brussels and so forth. Unfortunately, this turns out to double my costs so I am now trying to figure out if my Chase credit card offers any travel disruption benefits but every phone line is busy.


I am rather out of luck for the time being. I am also trying to surmise how long I can impose upon my gracious hosts without starting to smell like dead fish. They read my blogs so I am hoping they read this one.

Since I am talking about last nights…

The last night at Smyrna Bible Institute was Sunday past and on that evening we had a rather good crowd with a wonderful time of fellowship. I had preached four nights in a row and taught each morning prior to this for about four hours so all of us had a rather long, ministry filled, weekend. I’ll include a few pictures of the church experience so you might get a feel for who these folks are.

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