Entry 13 / Norway and London

How did you guess?

Can you imagine, I made it to London? My flight, YES, MY FLIGHT opened up on Wednesday just as planned! Perhaps it is Divine intervention after all but the good news is I didn’t have to stand in line and  re-ticket at all. I just went out to the unusually empty Gardemoen airport at the pre-determined time, handed my information and passport to the young lady at the Norwegian Airlines counter and boarded my plane. Two hours later I was in the unusually empty London Gatwick airport.

I am not home yet but I am closer than I ever thought I might be last Tuesday afternoon. I was promptly picked up and drive to Tano and Angela Bellone’s house in Eltham Green. Tano and Angela are Italian’s and former BCOM students who live in the London area.


After spending the afternoon and evening we went out for fish and chips and then taken to my room in the Eltham Green Community Church and early to bed for the next day. I will be speaking about six times in the next four days so I have to be sure that I have the right message, for the right people, at the right time and in the right way.

3 comments on “Entry 13 / Norway and London

  1. Amy Haley says:

    Okay… we never ate food like THAT in England. I guess we’ll have to have Tano show us around next time. Glad you made it safely there and are being well taken care of. Amy

  2. Amy Haley says:

    BTW you have missed THE MOST consistently GORGEOUS couple of weeks of weather I can ever remember having. Hopefully it will last.

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