Entry 15 / Norway and London

LT. Colonel Stephen Johns

For crying out loud! Why do these Brits always call Lieutenant, Leftinant? Try as I might there isn’t a way in the world I can turn a “Lieu” into a “Lef ” but they manage to do it.

Now, here’s a fellow with real class. I expected to see him showing up in military gear so having not seen Stephen in more than a decade, I stood at Trafalgar Square in front of Waterstone’s Bookstore with my little sign exactly at 10 and with military precision here comes this smiling guy across to meet me. I suppose with my white mustache (I’ve always had a mustache except for short periods until my children would beg me to look like myself again) he immediately recognized me and we sat down to visit in the Costa coffee shop on the second floor. When it comes to being recognized, I suppose I might be called a “dead give away.” 

I only went into the city for this one reason. Stephen had once been assigned to the Canadian Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario and during that time served under Pastor Ken Roth in the worship team at Polson Park Free Methodist Church in that same city.

He is now getting close to retirement (Look at this guy. He doesn’t look O.A.P.able- retireable). He looks like a banker. Anyhow, he is thinking about how he might use his future to bless the Kingdom of God. Our conversation centered around the possibilities of how that might look. Whatever he chooses to do, I enjoy the opportunity of intersecting and perhaps being a small part of his decision-making process. I wish more people of experience, maturity, aptitude and obvious spiritual gifting would consider such possibilities. It is amazing to see so many who for thirty years following their professional careers have invested themselves in Christian service and are making an enormous difference.

Since I had already spent almost seven quid for transportation and another 10 for breakfast (a total of $26.00 US ) I walked about the area and took a few shots. Enjoy.

The Sherlock Holmes

Toward Buckingham Palace

The Embankment at Charring Cross

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