Entry 16 / Norway and London

Being an early riser has its peril…

My wife has me in the habit of waking up at about six each morning. There can be a problem with this when one is traveling and staying in other peoples’ homes – people who do not happen to be early risers. I have learned to tend to my own business and wait until I hear movement in another part of the dwelling.

Yesterday, I woke up at about six and had to reach my appointment in London by being on the morning train at 8AM. So, by seven I had quietly readied myself and dying for a cup of coffee, I decided to go on out and find a coffee shop. This sounds easy enough until one tries it. After all, I have a key to the front door of the church where I’m staying. I attempted to tip-toe my way down the creaky stairs and finally arrive at the door leading from the stairwell into the hallway. Feeling confident, I close the door behind me and go toward the main door out with my key in hand. I slip it into the lock only to discover that while this key does a good job getting me in, it will not let me out. UHHH-ohhh!! I try everything that comes to mind even seeing how I might pry the lock back. All of this is to no avail. I wish that Sky (my son) was with me as he has been known to break into anything, cars, houses, stores… But he is not here and I break out into a sweat. How will I get out of here? My friend Tano will be waiting on me at the Eltham station. I try calling him. I try texting him. Nothing. Why should I expect him to answer, he is an Italian. So… what are my options. I’ll rouse Mike Haley my host and neighbor on the second floor. I ran back to the door leading up the stairs only to find it locked as tightly as the front. Now what? I don’t know. Time is ticking away and I am trapped like a rabbit in a culvert, running between the two possibilities. Finally, in a panic and out of options, I pounded on the door with no response. Again, I knocked louder and still no answer. I decided to scream bloody murder and I at last hear a shuffle. Groggy headed from sleep, Mike thinks that I am a vagrant that has somehow gotten himself into the church. Then he realizes it is just me and with copious apologies about not given me the “propa” key he lets me out into the street. I am not so good at running anymore but I did my best and managed to arrive at the Eltham station where I found my Italian friend, Tano leisurely sipping a cup of coffee and not in the least concerned regarding my whereabouts.

2 comments on “Entry 16 / Norway and London

  1. ‘Fraid I had a good laugh at your expense as I read your post! Loved seeing you yesterday:-)

  2. tonyhedrick says:

    Loved seeing all of you as well. Watch my blog and I’ll have some nice pics of you and yours on in a few days after I shake the jet lag!

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