Entry 17 / Noway and London

A nice visit with the Clancy’s and the Bellone’s

Tano and Angela are close friends of the Clancy’s who have recently moved from Scotland where John worked with CHRISTIAN’S AGAINST POVERTY to Essex. Essex is near enough to London to come for a visit in an hours drive. Angela made plans for the together around my visit. John and Rachel were students of mine at Bethany College of Missions more than three children ago (they are on number four). They have produced a tribe of beautiful and well-mannered children (except for Johnnie who wouldn’t make eye contact with what he thought to be a giant). I suggest that Rachel buy some different children’s books.

Those who follow my artwork and painting website (www.tonyhedrickart.com) will remember the portrait I painted of Rachel when she was one Rachel Joja Goff. It was and still remains one of the best portraits I have ever painted. 


It was fun to see how much they all (Clancy’s and Bellone’s) have grown into terrific, responsible adults.  Both John and Tano work in similar professions and possess recognized skills as social animators, working with the poor, the marginalized, the recently released from prison and street people. 

Angela and Gloria

The ladies are attentive and good mothers. I am proud to have been a small part of their formative years and it is lovely to see how my time spent with young people turns out in this way. I am encouraged by still being considered a friend.

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