Entry 19 / Norway and London

Sunday Morning

The sanctuary was filled with people of all ages and a range of ethnicities. When it came time to preach I spoke on “The Spirit of Caleb.” When I presented the invitation many came to the front for prayer. 

You can hear this sermon at    http://www.egcc.co.uk/?p=933  

 Young Adults

The night before I spoke to a group of twenty young adults. 

Church in a Tea Cup

Then, on Sunday afternoon following the service I was the guest speaker at a service they call, “Church in a Tea Cup” 

This is an outreach service to the unchurched. People sit at tables, have tea, sandwiches and desserts and after they visit, I bring a short relevant message. Here, I wanted to explain the difference between justice, mercy and grace with a good response. 

Sunday Evening Service and Maria finds Jesus.

 I had invited people to bring  their non-Christian friends and return in the evening. I did see present a few new faces but most seemed to know the songs and the gospel as I spoke it.  

There was one earnest face in the crowd. Earlier, as I stood at the door waiting, a lady approached and said, “Is this where the meeting  is being held?” Detecting that she was a newcomer I squeezed in beside where she was seated. I asked her ethnicity thinking that perhaps she might be a Filipino. Thankfully she didn’t seem insulted that I missed her by about ten thousand miles. She was from Ecuador and now living and working in England. As we continued to talk she bombarded me with many questions. It was obvious from the start that she had been worked on by the Jehovah’s Witnesses but I found her interesting in that she approached her inquiry from belief in Jesus and disbelief in the JW interpretation of Jesus. It was obvious to me that the Lord was drawing her to Himself. She had, on her own, arrived at right Biblical positions and without the help of man. I told her that she had come on the right night as this was exactly the subject of my message, “Like Jumping to Capri.” I was going to demonstrate from scripture and logic how Christ alone is the only answer and hope of salvation. She seemed completely satisfied with the conclusions drawn and came to me at the end of the service to receive Christ. She left much happier than she came.

You can hear this sermon at  http://www.egcc.co.uk/?p=935

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